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    Body Therapy, Psychotherapy, Swedish Massage & More

    I have experience of reflexology, deep tissue and relaxation massage, trigger point therapy. I love to work with patients who have neck stiffness, headache, back pain, fibromyalgia, debt problems and have stress-related problems. I also work with people who have lost a family member. Massage is not just my profession, it's my passion. To make any other healthier and know the feel good is the greatest reward. It's relaxing and healing for me. Massage is our art of touch. I simply love what we do. Choose a package that suits you best. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is any treatment or service you are interested in, I'm always happy to discuss your needs and explain treatments for you.

    I work with massage, body therapy and rehabilitation free the body from pain, stress, and at the same time receive skin, body and mind feel good.

    Most of us have come to the inescapable conclusion that health is a necessary ingredient for a happy life. Everyday life revolves around work and activities, which in many cases can result in stress that triggers chronic diseases. This is a common problem in many people. In order to avoid, reduce and minimise the stress out of our lives is not always the easiest but absolutely necessary. We must learn to balance our energy because the energy imbalance is the primary cause of all diseases. Massage and aromatherapy is a good alternative and good start to a life of balance and wellbeing. Massage is a very good stress "driving" method and can give a ' relief ' feeling for anyone. It improves health by acting directly on the body, muscles, nerves, circulatory and immune systems. Massage therapy is used for a variety of health-related symptoms. It has healing effects of trauma, relieve stress, body pain, improves blood circulation, or simply for general relaxation in order to maintain our well-being. Touch is very important and healing in many ways. It helps us to reconnect and redistribution of energy and at the same time releasing stress. Touch therapy complements other forms of massage. Combination of massage therapy touch, proper nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and discussions, new insights gives very good results. We must learn to be stronger, more insightful people to regain its original energy. Massage not only has healing properties but also helps your skin to feel good and get new vitality. The concentration of plants and flowers that are mixed with the oil performs specific properties to soothe and renew your skin, body and mind. It is rich in essential nutrients and minerals Your skin and body needs to function. It has also deeply relaxing properties. They are rich in antioxidants which nourishes the skin, and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. They may be cooling and has stimulant properties. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy. The essential oils that We use in my treatments are used to treat common ailments such as muscular aches and pains, depression, stress, fibromyalgia and many more. Feel free to contact me and tell me about your needs.

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    Full Body Massage

    Surrender your body to a soothing massage and experience a deep relaxation through soft by long flowing strokes. I will facilitate release of the mental and emotional stress that tends to get stuck in the body besides relaxing sore muscles. The result is a balance between body, mind, sould and spirit. Get relief from pain and at the same time make you relax and feel relief.

    My place in Stockholm 850:-/60min.
    In-room massage. Hotel Stockholm 1000:-/60min

    Aromatherapi & Massage

    Aromatherapy helps against stress, headaches, improves sleep, improves mood, regulates hormones, giving the muscles relax, stimulate the immune system, increases blood circulation, increases mental and physical well-being, relaxing and energizing through the use of plants and their parts.

    My place in Stockholm 550:-/60min.
    In-room massage. Hotel Stockholm 700:-/60min

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    Geriatric Massage

    Older people usually experience many complications. Most seniors are experiencing stiff joints and arthritis pain as modern medicine sometimes cannot alleviate. Massage is good alternative to promote better mobility. I will perform different moves slowly and carefully, adapted to individual ability. Massage must not be too harsh on delicate backs and faces, in order to reduce the risk of injury. Older customers have specific needs that must be taken into account, such as patients after stroke. Manipulation of the neck is nothing to recommend. Geriatric massage is very useful and can be very effective in many ways. The need for therapy can be increased or decreased.

    My place in Stockholm 450:-/60min.
    In-room massage. Hotel Stockholm 550:-/60min

    Full Body Massage in Stockholm

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    Swedish Massage

    Ger en känsla av välbefinnande genom bekvämligheten av den mänskliga kontakten

    Gives feeling of well-being through the comfort of human touch.

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    Sports Massage

    Djup vävnads sport massage terapi, muskelvärk, spänningar, skada och smärta.

    Deep tissue sports massage therapy, muscle aches, tension, injury and pain

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    Senior Massage

    Beröringsterapi kompletterar med alla andra former av massage

    Touch therapy complements any other form of massage.

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    Behandling av hud genom tillämpning av doftande preparater från växtriket.

    Treatment of skin by the application of floral fragrant & herbal substances.

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    Geriatric massage

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